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PageOne: Starting the First Year of Our Second Century

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PageOne: Starting the First Year of Our Second Century

Perhaps it was the music, or maybe it was the laughter and banter between kids, parents, and faculty as students arrived on the Lower Campus this morning, but the feeling was downright electric. So much energy and enthusiasm for the start of the first year of our second century. My highlight of the morning was a new JPK student representing his new school with sneakers straight out of the RCS playbook:

Rippowam Cisqua School - Go Red! Go Blue!


Love those shoes!

As the day continued on the Upper Campus, the same palpable energy was present, although the reality of school starting (and the work that accompanies that start) was a tad more obvious than it was on the Lower Campus earlier in the day. That said, the person-to-person positivity I experienced throughout the morning was clearly evident. I witnessed new students being invited to lunch tables with returning students and older children giving directions to children who are still learning the ins and out of the campus. We also had a great Mexican themed lunch.

Rippowam Cisqua School Soccer Field


To finish out the day, I had the great pleasure of returning to the coaching sidelines for the first time in nearly ten years. Although the heat kept us off the field for the majority of the afternoon, the fifth and sixth-grade girls soccer players managed to get some work in before they headed home, likely tired, hungry, and ready to wind down.

It was an amazing feeling to be back teaching again, even if it was in a different type of classroom. All in all, a great #PageOne. I hope you all had a great start to the year. Now on to #PageTwo…

For those of you who don’t remember reading about #PageOne, here is my summer letter.

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